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About My Mediation

When personal or business debts weigh you down, relationships can be affected while anxiety can prevent you from enjoying the life you deserve, sometimes through no fault of your own.

My Mediation offers empathy and integrity. Our goal is to get you back on your feet again – and we’ll help you with every step of the way.

We offer experience working with a broad variety of situations and can offer a road-map to resolve your financial difficulties. Very often we start out by addressing strained or fractured relationships, be they business or personal. Where appropriate we’ll introduce you to financial counsellors or financiers to establish manageable plans for a brighter future. Along the way we will work with your lawyer and accountant to make sure all bases are covered.

“Our goal is to get you back on your feet again”

Our five-stage plan

While every situation is different, at My Mediation we have developed a reliable formula to consistently resolve damaged relationships and help people out of debt. Here’s how it works:

We start out by providing a free half-hour meeting with you without the other party. The other party may be a family member, a business associate, another person or business, or a financier you owe money to.

  1. If we agree to take on your matter, we will ask you and other parties involved to commit to our resolution process to seek a win-win solution.
  2. After receiving the required documents from both parties, we will provide a brief on the mediation to your lawyer and accountant. (We may require legal, or accounting advice during the mediation process).
  3. We then commence the mediation process, working with you and the other parties involved to find common ground to negotiate a possible settlement agreement.
  4. The mediation process is a strictly confidential and any notes that are taken in the meetings are required to be destroyed or provided to the mediator at the end of the meeting.
  5. On achieving a settlement a lawyer will be instructed to draw up a formal agreement based on the executed Mediation Settlement. On execution of the Settlement Agreement the Mediation process is concluded.

“…we have developed a reliable formula to consistently resolve damaged relationships”

About Denis Stollery

Denis has the experience and resolve to settle disputes which can otherwise be enormously costly and can lead to a “winner takes all” rather than a win-win resolution for both parties.

Denis is a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder and majority shareholder of a highly innovative payment solution for businesses, large and small. That rapidly growing business is now run by an experienced team of executives and IT specialists and its international growth has included the establishment of business partnerships with some of the world’s leading payment companies, including Mastercard.

Denis’s extensive career in the finance and payments industry globally means he has the experience and skills to negotiate solutions which many business operators don’t even know about.

  1. Invented a global payments platform which is now in a Partnership with Mastercard to launch a new SME hybrid product in 2021. That product will initially be rolled out in Australia before being extended to global markets.
  2. In 2002 he established a new company, Credit Corporations Holdings Limited, to market a new payments process for small business. CCH had $100mUSD funding facility from a foreign bank. The business was purchased by his partners and continued operating in Germany and the UK  with a successful listing on the UK second board market.
  3. In the 1990s Denis built actions against company directors (Phoenix Companies) for insolvent trading under section 592 of the Corporations Law. In this period action against directors for insolvent trading settled in mediation, with one going to court which was Credit Corporation Australia Pty Ltd & Others vs Atkins which became Case Law for Assignments, see the link here.
  4. As a mediator of over 20 years Denis has completed numerous mediations with a high success rate while focusing on achieving win-win solutions.

As a husband and proud father of five (we sadly lost “Eliza” born sleeping, which as parents we never forget, and remember the precious moments that we had with Eliza) adult children, he is committed to helping businesses and families resolve financial difficulties to secure a brighter future. He is a White Ribbon Advocate and has a deep commitment to end all violence against women and children.

Denis’ Vision is:
For women to always feel safe with men in any environment, such as the workplace or home
His Mission:
For men to show more respect towards women and for us all to have respect for each other

Denis has been mediating, and resolving financial conflicts since 1996 for small businesses, individuals and their families.

Although Denis offers years of experience as a mediator, he’s NOT a lawyer. Many law firms will offer mediation, or arbitration as part of their suite of services, this mediation process can often be merely the first stage in trying to settle a dispute that could invariably end up in the courts.

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