Mediation can provide a brighter future for you, your business and your family

Do you feel you’re drowning in debt?

Do you find yourself in debt because of the actions of others?

Is debt putting a strain on you, your business and family relationships?

Is debt affecting your life and business?

Are you feeling depressed  by constantly being in debt?


My Mediation would like to assist you and hopefully Mediate you a path out of debt, placing  you, your family and your business back on the road to recovery.

Denis Stollery, Director at My Mediation

Since 1996 My Mediation has been assisting  people and businesses spiralling into debt to find a amicable solutions between parties, resolving disputes and re-establishing business and family relationships.

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Meet Denis Stollery

Denis has been practicing as a mediator since 1996, assisting people to resolve their financial conflicts through mediation.

He offers real-world experience in business, government and not-for profit roles over many years, including:

  • Successfully founding and building a currently rapidly growing technology start-up business in the finance industry, raising over $8m in recent years.
  • Inventing a global payments platform which is currently partnering with Mastercard to launch a new SME hybrid product in 2021
  • Appointed by the NZ Government as Trade Representative (SA and NT).
  • Board Member on the Christchurch City Council Small business Development Board.
  • Coach for the South Australian Sports Institute, coaching the elite rowers.
  • Semi-finalist in the 2020 Visa Anywhere Global Award for his payment solution for small businesses.
  • Awarded 5 New Zealand Industrial Design Awards and semi-finalist in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Building on his extensive experience in the finance world, Denis excels at developing successful solutions to resolve conflicts outside of the traditional constraints of the legal system. His approach will include the participation of your lawyer and/or accountant.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does mediation cost?

How long will the process take?

Do I have to bring a lawyer?

Do I really have to meet the person I am having a dispute with?

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Grateful clients share their stories…

“Before I met Denis my life was stressful and complex. Now I am enjoying life and family, without the constant financial worries.”

Name withheld, senior government agency director.

(This matter was referred to My Mediation by an accountant after numerous court actions were in process which including a bankruptcy notice served and the family home in the process of being sold through court action.)

“I would not hesitate to recommend you, based on your skills and your reasonable fees.”

Rose-Linh Le, LLB., Lawyer

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